Welcome to Savvy Glam

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Welcome to Savvy Glam!

With only 24 hours to go until the big launch of the newest most innovative software for the Salon Industry, Savvy Glam. We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you guys a little more about it!

So who are we? 

We based in the UK and want to totally shake up the world of software solutions. We have developed over the past 5 years a truly unique way of writing software that means that we are able to quickly and easily make software that is specific and tailored and totally right for the industries we work with.  We have a proven track record and a strong set of principles and its important to us that we stick with our vision!

  • 1. We want all the software we produce to be perfect for the people who use it, if you need a button here or for it to do something special there or to not do that, then we can make it happen very easily. We work via a feedback loupe where our users tell us what they need and we do it!
  • 2. We want the software to be intuitive and easy to use. If it’s not obvious how to do something we want to know about it. Software should be a help, not a time sink and it should save you money and make your lives easier, Savvy Glam will do just that!
  • 3. We want to offer top notch customer support and really listen to our clients and give our users the help that they need at the right time. We are UK based and many software solutions are US based giving UK clients no easy way of getting immediate support, we give our customers help when it’s needed.

Our company values are key to how Savvy Glam software has been designed. It is the most simple and intuitive software on the market for the Savvy beautician, salon or spa.

So what is Savvy Glam?

Suitable for mobile therapists, technicians and salon/spa owners alike we have developed a unique platform with amazing features:

  • 1. Fully customisable to add your own personality to both your calendar and your communications.
  • 2. With multiple automated reminders, ‘no shows’ and last minute cancellations will become a thing of the past.
  • 3. Recurring apt functionality to be able to book regular clients in for a full programme of treatments with a couple of clicks, to maximise future bookings.
  • 4. Waiting lists to fill any empty slots.
  • 5. One click message buttons so that you can email appointment confirmations, cancellation policies or no show notifications with no typing and just one click.
  • 6. Online booking: with the option of our gorgeous mini website builder,  your clients can book in at any time. Use your own website or use your new contemporary, stylish, fully customised Savvy Glam website and your software will be working even when you are not.
  • 7. With all of your customer information at your (perfectly manicured) fingertips, your business will run more efficiently than ever before. Simple customisation of your Savvy Glam means you can access a full and complete customer history including the specific treatments and products you provide in your salon(s).
  • 8.Disclaimers signed and saved in the system, the ability to create questionnaires for customers to complete in advance of their appointments to make your salon paper free.
  • 9. Quickbooks and Xero integration to help with making tax digital and business reporting to really get a handle on your business analysis and planning.
  • 10. And lots more!

Accessed online via your browser or via the native App, and supported by exceptional customer service, to get the help you need whenever you need it.  Savvy Glam aims to become the beauty therapists and salons’ software of choice.

Launching in the UK at Olympia Beauty 29/30 September we will be reserving a limited number of slots for 1:1 demos, to show you around the software and answer any questions. Come and say hi at stand D115

For all those Savvy Salon Owners & Beauticians that are attending Olympia Beauty and would like to join the Savvy family, we will be running a special introductory show discount of 25% off all Annual plans.

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday and Monday!

Lisa and the Savvy Team

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